Hall of Fame: Emerson Reid (1970)

Emerson Reid
Emerson Reid

Emerson Reid

Palmerston, Ontario
Years Played: 1931, 1932, 1933
Captain: 1933


Prior to enrolling at Michigan to play for Coach Eddie Lowrey, Emerson Reid played for the Palmerston (Ontario) Juniors, the Windsor Mic Macs, and the Riverside (Ontario) Blue Birds.  Called “Emmy” by his teammates, he played forward from 1930-1933.  During his three seasons, he had sixty-two goals and twenty-four assists, averaging more than one goal per game.  In the 1932-1933 season, he was co-captain of the team.  He lettered all three years he played and was chosen as a Second Team All-American in 1930 and 1931.  Emerson Reid graduated from the College of Engineering.

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