Hall of Fame: Lois Isaacson Simmons (1988)

Lois Isaacson Simmons
Lois Isaacson Simmons

Lois Isaacson Simmons

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Loyal Fan since 1947


Lois Isaacson Simmons has been a friend of Michigan’s hockey players, coaches, staff, parents, and fans since 1947, when she came to Ann Arbor with her late husband, Carl Isaacson, who was trainer for the team during the decade of Vic Heyliger’s NCAA Championship teams.  Shortly after Carl Isaacson, who had been league director for the Ann Arbor Amateur Hockey Association, died in 1974, she served on the board of the association, in charge of sponsors.

She received the Helen and Ross Childs Award for Leadership.  When the Dekers became a co-ed booster club, she was made an honorary member and has served in the ranks as well as on the executive committee.  She has done everything from hanging up wet long johns in the locker room at the old Coliseum and cleaning the trophy cases at Yost Ice Arena, to assisting with banquets, receptions, picnics, and reunions.  In 1976, she brought Michigan hockey a new fan and worker with her marriage to Kenneth “Red” Simmons.  Both of them have been honored as Deker of the Year.  Beyond decades of treasured friendships, she has valued watching young recruits benefit from an excellent education in the classroom and on the ice.  Lois Isaacson Simmons is the first woman to be named to the Dekers Hockey Hall of Fame and the third non-player to be named.  Lois Simmons passed away 26 March 2016.


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