Hall of Fame: Merle Falk (1993)

Merle Falk
Merle Falk

Merle Falk

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Years Played: 1969, 1970, 1971


Originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Merle Falk enrolled at Michigan in the fall of 1967 and played three seasons under Coach Al Renfrew, from 1968-1969 through 1970-1971.  He scored forty-two goals and had thirty-five assists for a career total of seventy-seven points.  In three seasons, he had only six penalties for a total of twelve minutes.  His most memorable experience at Michigan was scoring a hat trick in a WCHA playoff game against Michigan Tech in 1969.

A close second in the memory category is his final home game at the Coliseum during his senior year when a fan threw an octopus on the ice tagged with a note saying that the creature was a gift for Merle.  A teammate picked up the octopus, picked up the octopus, skated to the bench and deposited it in Merle’s lap.  He is a Past-President of the Dekers Club and it was under his leadership that the club broadened from a small group of supporters to over one-hundred members and the Deker newsletter was initiated.  Merle Falk is a graduate of the School of Education.


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